Our Price List

The French Revolution

[A french classic ice-cream. Real taste of vanilla pods; toppen with sprinkler.] ₹109

Passion Fruit

[Our ice-cream is a work of art. Treat yourself to the real taste of passion fruit; topped with sprinkler.] ₹119

Ek Tha Paan

[Bhaiya, ek paan dena. Enjoy the exotic flavour of meetha paan; topped with tooti-frooti.] ₹119


[Fit for a queen. Celebrate special occasions with strawberry ice-cream; topped with fresh strawberry/sprinkler.] ₹129

Chocolate, Cake Me Away

[Death by chocolate. Dark chocolate ice-cream; topped with chocolate sauce.] ₹129


[Hunt for the perfect biscuit flavour is over. Biscuit flavoured ice-cream; topped with crunchy biscuit crush.] ₹139


[Will tempt your taste buds. Experience the unforgettable combination of rum and coffee; topped with coffee powder.] ₹139

Salted Buter Caramel

[A truly delicious ice-cream. Enjoy the briny(salty) flavour; topped with caramel.] ₹139

Dark Fantasy Bliss

[So good, you'll want to skip dinner. Madagascar(chocolate flavoured ice-cream; topped with chocolate sauce.)] ₹139

Mango Alphonso

[Almost too beautiful to eat. Mango flavoured ice-cream; topped with fresh mango/sprinkler.] ₹139

Black Currant

[A sensational ice-cream that always pleases. Cheese flavoured ice-cream; topped with sprinkler.] ₹139

Cherry Potter

[Feed your inner child. Cheese flavoured raspberry ice-cream; topped with cherry.] ₹139

Red Velvet

[Velvety texture in each bite. Cheese flavoured ice-cream; topped with red velvet powder.] ₹139

Crunchy Cookie Heaven

[For those with a sweet tooth. Spoil yourself with crunchy texture; topped with oreo;] ₹139

Walnut Terrace

[Gone wild with walnut. Chocolate and walnut ice-cream; topped with walnut.] ₹139

The Almond Brothers

[An ice-cream for all ages. Chocolate ice-cream with almond and oreo; topped with oreo.] ₹139


[Made in heaven. Lip smacking flavour; topped with pista.] ₹149

Roasted Almond

[The perfect finish to a meal. Luxury almond flavour; topped with almond.] ₹149

O-la-la Nutella

[You'll die and go to heaven with every bite. Nutella flavoured ice-cream; topped with hazelnut.] ₹149

Chocolate Nuts Delight

[An ice-cream you'll never forget. Chocolate ice-cream with raisin, almond and cashew nut; topped with chocolate sauce.] ₹149

No Torture, With Ferrero Rocher

[Our chocolate laboratory. You'll be dreaming of our chocolate ice-cream with ferrero rocher; topped with chocolate sauce.] ₹149